Our Ski

The Jetski we are currently using is the 2018 Yamaha FXHO  This Waverunner has a Four Stroke, 1.8 litre (1812cc) High Output Engine.  We chose this ski for the following reasons;
  • Fuel economy.  For Jetski fishing extreme locations, fuel economy is critical.  We chose this model rather than a supercharged model to ensure we can get the most distance out of a tank of fuel, and many long trips have proven we can get approximately 100 miles (160 kilometres) from the 70 litre tank.  This gives us a 30 mile trip out and back (60 miles), 10 miles of motoring around at the fishing spot looking for fish, shifting back up the drift etc, and then 30 miles of reserve should the weather turn.

  • Reliability.  The Yamaha skis use tried and tested technology to ensure you get there and back.  All Yamaha Waverunners utilise Open Loop Cooling which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers, and ensures your ski does not overheat while idling at low speed.  Open loop systems have been proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means less money and less time off the water.

  • Maneuverability.  The FXHO uses RiDE technology at your fingertips which provides a Reverse / Neutral lever to make getting on and off the trailer easy, as well as docking at wharves or other boats, or when playing large fish.
  • Three Year Warranty.  All new Waverunners purchased through authorised dealers come with an industry leading three year warranty.