About Us

The Jetski Fishing Show was born out of a passion for Fishing.  Your host, Kirk Davis has been fishing most of his life - from boats, rocks, beaches and now Jetskis!  Kirk was so excited about what Jetski Fishing had to offer that he decided to film a fishing trip one day.  So often he would be telling others about his days fishing to comments such as "What, on a Jetski?" that he just had to prove what was possible.

The enthusiasm for seeing the footage grew with each person he showed, so in very short time he created the Jetski Fishing Channel - a regular series of online adventures.  We then began filming regular shows with all sorts of tips, tricks, and of course the great footage both above and below water of the variety of sea life out there that the show is now synonomous for.  As the Episodes progressed we got interest from the TV Networks, and we now part of a TV Show called Fishy Business which is on TV ONE, and Choice TV.

Each week we travel to a different location, so you will see Kirk Fishing from the Far North of the North Island, to the spectacular surrounds of the South Island.  We fish for all kinds of fish, and have some awesome adventures along the way!

We are always looking for new and exciting trips, so if you are heading out on one drop us a line and we may even tag along and film it!